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Meg is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for helping people.

Meg’s background covers both the public and private sectors, with start-ups in a diverse range of industries including arts, retail, accommodation, food services, forestry, mining and tourism. Having built two successful businesses of her own, as well as co-creating multiple, diverse ventures across a broad range of industries, Meg loves the process of building a business from the ground up.

Meg is a skilled leader who provides guidance to a wide spectrum of people with diverse backgrounds along their success path. She has overseen the management of people across Canada, often working in Aboriginal

Communities assisting youth as they take their first steps into the workforce. Meg collaborates with artists, creatives and makers helping to showcase their talent and wares by hosting creative workshops at her creative space, Bungalow.

She builds genuine connection and community through collaboration, and draws on her personal experiences to compel others to take bold steps in their business and life.

Meg is the recipient of the WNORTH Accelerate Scholarship, Squamish Chief Reader’s Choice Award Winner, Squamish Chamber Business Excellence Award Winner, is a Mentor with Futurpreneur Canada and a Brand Ambassador for Strong as a Mother.  Meg sits on the board of the Squamish Arts Council as well as Cutting Barriers Employment and Training Association.

You’ll find her puttering in her garden, working on a DIY project or brainstorming with some of the most creative people in the Sea-to-Sky corridor and beyond.

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